Gum Disease

Gum Disease

Gum disease is one of the most common problems associated with the mouth and oral health. It is so common in fact that most adults in the UK have the condition to some degree and will experience it at least once in their lifetime. There are numerous signs which indicate that you have gum disease. […]

Dentures | Camden Place, Preston

Implants and a Denture Preston

Dentures are removable false teeth which can be made from acrylic, metal or nylon. They are made to fit over the gums to replace any missing teeth within the mouth and prevent issues which can be caused by the gaps, which can affect things such as a persons bite, their gums and even their confidence due […]

Nervous Patients

Nervous Patients Camden Place Preston

Nervous patients are something we here at Camden Place Preston see on a very regular basis. It’s so common in fact that one in four people dread visiting the dentist. There are varying degrees of fear involving the dentist, and it can be caused by different things for different people. The thought of a treatment […]

Private Dentist, Camden Place Preston!

Private Dentist Camden Place Preston

Looking for a new private dentist? Having a private dentist used to only be done by a select few, now they are much more common and one of the best way for patients to get the correct and most reliable care their mouths deserve. If you are thinking about joining our practice and were unsure […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Camden Place Preston

We would just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, we look forward to 2017 and your continued support! All the best, The Camden Place Team!

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Cosmetic Dentists Preston

Get your smile makeover at Camden Place, Preston! Cosmetic dentistry or aesthetic dentistry, as it is sometimes known, is a way of improving the appearance of your teeth. Dentistry is no longer getting a filling and or having a tooth removed, patients can now choose from a multitude of treatments to help correct and enhance […]

What a dentist\’s website says about them

Camden Place Dental Practice

We spent a long time working with Blush Digital who built our new website earlier this year and a lot of thought went into each page. We sat down with the designers and thought about what sort of wording should be on the page, but more importantly, where it would go on the page, and where the […]

CBCT and Panoramic scanner for accurate placement of dental Implants

Pax i3D Machine at Camden Place, Preston

Here at Camden Place Dental Practice we have invested in our very own cone beam CT (CBCT) and panoramic scanner, the Vatech PAX-i3D. With this new technology we are able to provide patients and referring dentist with the highest level of clinical care, accurate planning and placement of dental Implants. What is a cone beam […]

Smile Design

Smile Design At Camden Place dental practice in Preston, we offer the very latest treatments and materials available. Due to the extensive nature of our cosmetic consultation and the subsequent diagnostic stages, this means that every patient will achieve the smile they desire. How It\’s Done: A thorough consultation in undertaken, in order to understand full […]

Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics/Root canal treatment)

Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics/Root canal treatment) Camden Place is at the forefront of root canal therapy and we pride ourselves on our expertise and professionalism and service Preston, Manchester, Liverpool and other surrounding Lancashire Areas. Where a tooth has died off, and begins to form an abscess, root canal treatment can be used to avoid […]