Bone / Sinus Grafting

Bone Grafting

On a daily basis, patients present to Camden Place Dental Practice having been informed by their dentists that ‘there isn’t enough bone’ or ‘there is soft bone’ for implants to work.

With our surgical techniques, protocols and a wide array of different dimensions of implants, we can place implants in most cases! It’s why we believe that ANYONE can have FIXED TEETH, irrespective of their age or bone morphology.

However, if in some situation there is a real need to enhance the bone, we offer the following augmentation procedures where needed

Guided Bone Regeneration/Augmentation

(performed simultaneously to implant placement)

Sometimes after a placing an implant, a small dehiscence or void may be left within the bony walls surrounding the implant. If this is so, a small amount of particulate grafting material is moulded to cover the defect. The grafting materials all have excellent success rates and there is no real single preference to which one is used. The selection is made depending on surgeon or patient choices.

Sinus Grafting/'Sinus lifting'

When back teeth are lost in the upper jaw, the airspaces in our cheeks – known as sinuses – get bigger at the expense of bone. A simple procedure of placing some bone graft into the sinus enhances the amount a bone that an implant can be placed into.

This is casually known as a ‘sinus lift’ because the bone grafting lifts the sinus to a higher level to accommodate the new bone.

Block Bone Grafting

This is rarely used and only needed if a large defect is present within the bone. Usually we find an alternative dental implant solution to avoid this procedure if possible.