Smile Design


Smile Design

At \"CosmeticCamden Place dental practice in Preston, we offer the very latest treatments and materials available. Due to the extensive nature of our cosmetic consultation and the subsequent diagnostic stages, this means that every patient will achieve the smile they desire.

How It\’s Done:

  • A thorough consultation in undertaken, in order to understand full the present cosmetic concerns and then address these with the new smile design.
  • A diagnostic wax up is manufactured from cast of the patient\’s teeth to show the shapes and sizes of the final result will be to ensure the patient is happy before even starting.
  • Once happy with this, the teeth can be prepared and in most cases will be restored with temporary crown or veneers that closely match the diagnostic wax up and therefore allow both the patient and the dentist to access the restoration for suitability. Any necessary changes can be made in the final restorations.
  • The final restorations will then be fitted approximately two weeks after the preparation.

The Benefits of a Smile Design:

  • The patient has more input towards the treatment goal.
  • The patient and dentist can agree on a desired smile design before any preparation work is undertaken.
  • The patient is guaranteed to be happy with the result.

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