Dental Implants Referrals in Preston - Lancashire (for Dentists)

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Refer Your Patients

At Camden Place Dental Practice, we have already lectured and trained several local general dentists to restore implants and continue to do so.

We welcome referrals of your patients for implant treatments. If you are interested in restoring the implants, after they are placed, we will assist and train you in carrying out all the restorative stages, be it at you own practice or Camden Place Dental Practice.

If you prefer us to carry out the full treatment, this will be delivered and the patient re-referred back to you on completion of the case.

If the patient requires any other dental treatment, in addition to implant-related dentistry, the patient will be returned to you to have this carried out. Alternatively, we will only carry out non-implant dental work if you so wish us to; we will see your approval because we do not want to poach your patients!

The referral process is easy:

  • GDP/referring dentist refers their patient to Camden Place via, email, phone, letter or on-line referral form.
  • Your patient has a consultation, including xrays, at Camden Place Dental Practice.
  • The implant is placed.
  • The patient returns to Camden Place routine follow-ups during the implant integration period of usually 3 months.
  • After this period, the patient returns to their own dentist to take impressions
  • Laboratory makes abutment and crown.
  • Patient’s own dentist fits the crown on their patient.

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