What a dentist\’s website says about them


Camden Place Dental Practice

We spent a long time working with Blush Digital who built our new website earlier this year and a lot of thought went into each page.

We sat down with the designers and thought about what sort of wording should be on the page, but more importantly, where it would go on the page, and where the images would go. The reason we spent a long time looking into this is because we want our patients to find the information that they\’re looking for as easily as possible.

We believe that the scrupulous effort we put into the website, shows to our potential patients that we are the same with the work we carry out on your smile. We want all of the people who visit us for help to leave happily, willing to refer our practice to their family or friends who will come for that same experience.

Does our website cover everything?

We\’re not naive, we know there will be some questions left unanswered, but that\’s what the phone is for! Give us a call on 01772 556 050 and our friendly staff will answer all of your queries.