Multi-system implant practice​

Multi-system implant practice

There are over 1300 different dental implant manufacturers in the world! Most of these are replica or ‘copy’ implants without any published scientific evidence of their long-term use and success. A lot of these are now in use in the UK!

At Camden Place dental practice, Preston, we have all the major, reputable dental implant systems, including Dentsply Implants (Astra Tech and Ankylos), Straumann, Biomet 3i and Nobel Biocare.

By offering an array of brands this allows us to use the world’s leading implants for our patients to guarantee reliability and longevity, and keep their new, happier smiles.

Our knowledge with these multiple implants systems allows us to manage failing cases that present to us, which have been carried out elsewhere using these different dental implant brands.

Patient care is our main priority and we take into account patient’s wishes and present full viable treatment options for them to make an informed decision – it is why we offer complimentary dental consultation! We do this to make sure the patient is entirely comfortable with the options available to them, and that they know all the relevant information regarding the procedures and aftercare options.