Private Dentist, Camden Place Preston!


Private Dentist Camden Place Preston

Looking for a new private dentist?

Having a private dentist used to only be done by a select few, now they are much more common and one of the best way for patients to get the correct and most reliable care their mouths deserve.

If you are thinking about joining our practice and were unsure of the benefits of private dental care within the UK then here are some points we think you’d find interesting.

  1. Although the NHS offers cheaper practice plans and treatment prices, the cost can still be as high as visiting a private dental practice. This is because the NHS works by providing a subsidised cost, therefore there is still a sum of money to pay by the patient.
  2. NHS dentistry does not cover all treatments, meaning you may still have to look to a private practice for the correct care and treatment for your teeth.
  3. Appointments are hard to secure. With the budget for NHS dentistry being relatively small this can have an impact on the availability of dentists, meaning that there may not be appointments available in your local area and you may need to look for another alternative.
  4. In an emergency, the quickest and most effective form of treatment is often given by a private dentist. As mentioned, NHS dentist’ availability is incredibly limited and at short notice this can be even more strained.
  5. Private dentistry is more affordable than ever! With practice plans, low-cost finance options and cheaper treatment costs, private dental practices must remain competitive in the market, therefore costs are being driven down.
  6. Cosmetic treatments are not usually given by NHS dentists, as their sole purpose is to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy. Teeth whitening, Invisalign clear braces and veneers will not usually be covered by an NHS dentist.
  7. The UK has very highly trained private dentists who offer the most cutting edge treatments to their patients which include teeth whitening and teeth straightening treatments.

So, there we have it, just some of the reasons why going private could be the best option for you and your teeth. If you’re interested in our price plan or would simply like to discuss the options available to you then please do not hesitate to contact us, or call 01772 556 050 to arrange a free consultation.