Teeth Whitening: Dos and Don\’ts!


Teeth Whitening Preston

Teeth whitening is just one of the ways for us to achieve the perfect smile that we have always wanted. But, with many high-street alternatives now on the market, people are lightening their teeth outside of the dental practice and in their own homes; sometimes with little to no results, sadly.

We at Camden Place, Preston have collated a list of dos and don’ts so you’ll never be in the dark about how to get that brighter, whiter smile. Here’s how to do it…

Teeth Whitening Do\’s…

  • Research professional teeth whitening treatments. There are numerous teeth whitening options available on the market but the safest and most effective will be those you can get from your dentist. Contact us to get more information about which option would be best for you and we can book you in for your free consultation at our Preston clinic.
  • Eat vegetables! As much as you may not like them, they are not only good for your body, they’re also good for your mouth. Crunchy veg is particularly great for your teeth, it helps to remove stains from the surface to help create a whiter smile.
  • Maintain your dental hygiene. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day, as well as visit your dentist regularly. This helps to remove most of the food and drink residues that stain your teeth. Your dentist or dental hygienist will help you maintain a healthy mouth and can even give your teeth a polish for an instant result. If you\’re interested in what teeth whitening treatments we have available click here. You can even book in to see our resident dental hygienist Justine!

Teeth Whitening Don’ts…

  • Use a tooth whitening product you’re not sure about. Not everything out there will be good for you and your teeth, some may be too harsh or completely useless, and if you are concerned with keeping a happy and healthy mouth then the risk is not worth it.  Instead, consult with your dentist, they will be able to make a recommendation based on your situation and provide you with the necessary treatment to achieve your goals.
  • Eat food that will stain your teeth. Obviously, this cannot always be avoided, but reducing the amount of coffee, red wine, chocolate and smoking will help to reduce the staining on your teeth. Acidic food and drinks, like sugary snacks, can erode the tooth’s enamel, making it easier for food such as these to stain the teeth.
  • Overdo it. Teeth that are too white look unnatural and will look very stark and obvious to others. Also, the ingredients in teeth whitening products, when over-used, can alter the structure of the teeth, making them very sensitive, particularly to hot and cold foods.

If you’re interested in having your teeth whitened, or are just interested in having a discussion about the procedures available and what will be best for you then please contact us, or call 01772 556 050, to arrange your free consultation at Camden Place, Preston.