Dental Hygienist | Why you should see one!


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Keeping your mouth happy and healthy not only includes visiting your dentist on a regular basis for check-ups, it also includes other care that a dental hygienist provides. They are an important part of any dental practice and work mainly in preventative treatments and treating gum disease. They can also provide essential advice to patients, ensuring they understand how to correctly look after their teeth at home.

Visiting a dental hygienist could mean that you could be receiving one or several treatments.

Dental Hygienist Treatments Include:

  • Professional teeth clean or a scale and polish, as it is sometimes called, where they remove the build-up of both plaque and tarter from the teeth.
  • Dental x-rays, to aid diagnosis.
  • Apply fluoride varnish and administer other fluoride treatments.
  • Place fissure sealants.
  • Tooth whitening.

It is recommended that patients visit a dental hygienist where available to make sure their teeth are being well maintained and that their mouth is looking healthy. This not only has the benefit of ensuring your teeth and gums are healthy but will also lead to improvements in your mouth\’s appearance and fresher breath.

Dental hygienists will also provide patients with recommendations on diet and other ways to prevent tooth decay, gum disease and other associated issues.

You may be thinking, why doesn’t the dentist do this? Well, in most cases a dentist can perform all these treatments, but a dental hygienist will be specifically trained to carry out tooth polishes and scaling, and will be able to dedicate more time to your mouth.

Justine Eastwood, Camden Place’s resident dental hygienist, has over 10 years of experience looking after the dental health of those within Preston and the North West. She is a member of the British Dental Hygienist Association and regularly keeps up to date with her knowledge and skills in the area.

As Camden Place’s dental hygienist, Justine is an integral part of the team and is an asset to the practice. If you have any queries regarding dental hygienist services, or wish to book a free consultation with Justine at our Preston practice then please feel free to contact us or call 01772 556 050.