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Tooth Pain - Camden Place, Preston

Tooth pain and toothache are both pain in and around the teeth and jaws that is usually caused by tooth decay.

Firstly, if you are experiencing any toothache or pain in the mouth and it has been more than one or two days then please contact your dentist or contact us here. The longer you leave it, the worse it will get and problems such as dental abscesses can occur if untreated.

Toothache can be felt in many ways, it can be sporadic or it can be a constant pain. In terms of the amount of pain, this can vary from being fairly mild to quite severe, and it may feel sharp and start abruptly. There are also things that can increase the pain, laying down can sometime aggravate the pain, so at night this can cause a lot of discomfort, and eating and drinking can also increase the pain, especially when they are hot or cold.

What causes tooth pain?

There are several things that can cause toothache and pain in the mouth. Lost fillings, broken teeth, receding gums and tooth decay are usually the issues which start the pain.

Locating the source of the pain can also be hard. It can sometimes be difficult to determine whether the pain is coming from the upper or lower teeth or jaw, and the pain can even feel like it’s coming from the ear (lower molar infection), sinuses, the cavities behind your cheekbones and even your forehead (all from pain in the upper teeth).

How is tooth pain treated?

This will be dependent on the type of tooth pain and what is causing the issue. At Camden Place our dentists will ask you to come into the Preston practice and examine your mouth; an x-ray may also be done to identify the problem.

The following can be done to resolve the issue:

  • Tooth decay – the decayed area will be removed and replaced with a filling.
  • Broken filling – the filling will be removed and replaced with a new filling.
  • Pulp inside your tooth is infected – root canal treatment.
  • Impacted tooth – the tooth will be removed.

How to prevent tooth pain

This is fairly simple, if done correctly! The best way to avoid getting toothache and tooth pain is to keep your teeth, gums and mouth healthy. Check out our previous blog posts for how to maintain a happy and healthy mouth.

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