Dental Implants – Budapest or Preston for your treatment?


Dental Implants Preston

Dental implants mimic a root that supports a tooth or multiple teeth. The implant can be placed to replace any missing tooth or teeth within the mouth. This final result is a long-lasting, fixed and permanent replacement of tooth/teeth.

Many people go abroad for treatments such as Dental Implants. Some clinics are great but it’s a shame we can’t say that for all of them.

One major problem of going abroad to receive this treatment is who will look after your implants once your return home. The dental implant system is normally not use in the UK so we cannot get replacement parts that you will need. If you come across a clinic that can give you immediate dental implants and results, you should be wary. This approach leads to increased failure rates. The best approach for dental implants is to do things slowly.

One of our patients had an implant consultation in London for a treatment, which was going to be done in Budapest. She admitted that dental implants would be a lot cheaper overseas, but was unsure of proceeding, which brought her to Camden Place Dental Practice for a second opinion.

We proposed bone grafting with sinus lifting and 6 implants evenly spread across the jaw and fixed 12-teeth bridge, which meant no more dentures for our patient! Our patient is very grateful for having the treatment here at Camden Place Dental Practice. To her it was a job well done and had no regrets of her choice of place to have the dental implants treatment.

We also offer a FREE implant consultation with your implant surgeon!

If you have any questions regarding the dental implants process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and professional team at Camden Place Dental Practice in Preston by calling 01772 556 050.