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\"DrSmile in a Day is a great option for those looking to improve their smile, but are limited on time.

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Same Day Implants and Teeth / All-on-4™

Same Day Implants and Teeth offers fixed, comfortable teeth on only 4 implants, without any major bone grafting, all in ONE DAY.

It allows patients to have the smile and function they have always dreamt of, without the need for long, drawn out appointments over several weeks or months.

We extract teeth (if needed), place 4 implants in either the upper or lower jaw and have a fixed bridge placed on these. This is done all on the same day. A permanent bridge is made 3-4 months later once all of the tissues and implants have completely healed.

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Dr Sheikh or Mr Hughes can also discuss alternative treatments to suit your needs.

Smile in a Day Q&A

What to expect?

A typical day begins with the surgery in the morning – which can be provided under sedation – during which decaying and infected teeth are extracted (if present) and implants are placed. This should take between 1 and 2 hours.

After this, our on-site technicians construct your permanent fixed bridge throughout the day. During this period, you will relax and put your feet up in our recovery room which has a massage chair, TV and refreshments.

During the day we will have a couple of ‘try-in’ of your fixed teeth to judge what aesthetically gives the best result, prior to finishing the bridge. Once we are all happy with the final result, the fixed teeth are fitted for you at the end of the day, approximately between 4 and 5pm, giving you both smile and functionality.

Where are the implants placed how can they be fixed to teeth on the same day?

The front segment of the jaws (pre-maxilla and pre-mandible) most often has sufficient quantity and quality of bone for the placement of 4 implants – 2 straight and 2 angled. This allows the implants to be extremely stable for your fixed teeth (bridge) to be immediately attached to. The implant system we use for this procedure is the world-renowned Nobel Biocare implants, whose implants and components are best designed for this technique.

Is there any need for bone grafting?

This concept is fast emerging as the modality of choice for patients with deficient bone for whatever reason, be it teeth lost many years ago, denture-wearing for a long time or periodontal (gum) disease, because it eliminates the need for major bone grafting. There is no need to harvest bone from the chin or back of the jaw or hip and not necessary to enter the sinus (air space we have in our cheeks) to place bone.

The All-on-4 technique relies entirely on your own bone, and hence avoids major surgery related to bone grafting, eliminating pain and reducing the invasiveness of these procedures.

What is the cost?

The cost for whole treatment from start to finish is £18,000, inclusive of any number of extractions (teeth removal),the Same Day Implants and fixed Teeth, and your final bridge 6 months later.

The initial consultation and x-ray imaging to discuss your needs and suitability is COMPLIMENTARY with either Dr Sheikh or Mr Hughes.


• ‘Just to say a great big thank you for my beautiful smile. It was really kind of you and I’m so happy when I catch a glimpse of myself.’ Jo.

• ‘My first visit to Camden Place Dental Practice was a referral from my previous dentist for implant surgery. The results were everything I had hoped for, and the standard of service excellent.’ M.L.

• ‘Thanks to you…. I am able to go to your dental practice without being afraid.’ S.P

• ‘Thanks you – I am very please with the excellent bridge-work on my lower arch – it looks great.’ Patricia

‘From the first consultation to the final fitting you have treated me with the utmost courtesy and always ensured that I was aware of what was happening at each stage of the treatment and was fully involved in any decisions made, ensuring total satisfaction.
As to the actual placing of the implants, I have to say that I felt absolutely no pain, merely a slight discomfort for an hour or so!
I was particularly impressed with your attention to detail; nothing was too much trouble to achieve exactly what I wanted.
All your staff are a credit to the practice, highly efficient and very friendly.
Please accept my grateful thanks, as you have done exactly as I wanted and given me back my smile.’

• ‘To Austin, Hamza, Rhoda and the team at Camden Place, I have to say I have been immensely impressed; the treatment, the service, the friendliness of everyone at your practice are second to none. I could not have wished for any better. Thank you all.\’ M.H.

• ‘Many thanks to you and your staff for all the hard work and kind attention in the not easy job of implants. A difficult and stressful time made much easier by all the effort put in by yourselves.’ E.C.

• ‘Thank you for your courtesy and kindness extended to me during me dental treatment.’ B.T.

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