Dental Implant Consultation, Treatment and Aftercare


Dental Implant Preston

Dental implants are a simple process, if you are interested in having the procedure or have been recommended to have dental implant surgery the first step is to arrange a free consultation, where one of our dentists will meet with you to discuss the treatment. You will more than likely have to have an oral examination, which will include x-rays of the mouth, to determine whether your mouth is suitable to have the procedure. The dentist will then advise you on what treatment will be best for you, visual aids may also be used to explain this.

The dental implant procedure itself will be carried out by a dental implant expert who has the right training, skills and experience to assess your situation and custom design a bespoke treatment plan for you. Dr Hamza Sheikh is Camden Place’s resident dental implant dentist and will be the dentist performing the procedure.

Within your treatment plan you will be given an estimated time for the completion process. This will differ from patient to patient based on their restoration needs, medical and dental histories, the condition on the jaw bone and the material needed. To ensure that your dental implants stay for the long-term, remain sturdy and function like your natural teeth, multiple appointments will be necessary.

Dental implants can last a lifetime with the right aftercare. Once the final restoration is fitted an appointment is usually scheduled with our dental hygienist, Justine Eastwood, who will discuss with you the best way to keep your mouth happy and healthy to help you maintain your new dental implant.

Dental Implant Long-term aftercare

We would always advise that you book in regular check-ups with your dentist to check your teeth and mouth are healthy. This is especially true with those who have received dental implant surgery. Every year patients will have their mouths x-rayed to check the bone levels in the jaw. If there has been bone loss then the dentist will show the patient the x-ray, explain the results and issues, and discuss a new treatment plan with the patient.

Making sure you take care of your new dental implants and your oral health can make all the difference in their success. To arrange your free consultation, or if you have any questions, please contact us, or call 01772 556 050.