Back Pain Linked to Jaw Pain


Back Pain Dental, Camden Place Preston

You wouldn’t always think that back pain would be linked to your teeth or jaw pain but that’s exactly what we discovered recently at Camden Place Dental.

This article was recently published in the Lancashire Evening Post and was about Ian Hindle who is a chimney fitter and was suffering so much from back pain that he thought he would have to retire from his beloved job.

After his chiropractor Austin Lavelle suggested his paid may be linked by his jay alignment he came to see us at Camden Place Dental.

Ian subsequently saw Dr Austin Hughes at the practice and he performed a new technique which involved removing Ian’s upper teeth, placing four 
implants, realigning his jaw and providing him with an immediate bridge – all in the same day.

Mr Hughes, who has been a dentist for 30 years, said:

“Mr Hindle came to see me and said that his chiropractor had told him he needed his jaw re-aligning and that this might cure his back 


“We managed to change Mr Hindle’s underbite to a natural bite by removing his remaining upper teeth, placing four implants and making a bridge for him all in the same day.”

Ian said that his life has now been transformed and he is a totally new person. All thoughts of retirement have now been put on hold because his back is so much better.

And not just his back, Ian now has a natural bite like other people. Ian said “before my face seemed to come down on one side and because of my back problems, I walked a bit stooped too, I was looking much older than my age”.

Well it’s not every day you would link back pain with jaw problems, but it can and does happen.

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