Removal of Difficult Teeth

Removal of difficult teeth

Removal of difficult teeth or extractions involving bone removal is usually not undertaken by most general dentists. At Camden Place Dental Practice we undertake extractions of all complexities, including the removal of difficult teeth.

In some circumstances, patients are left to wait several months for removal of infected and/or painful teeth after referral to their local hospital oral surgery departments.

At Camden Place Preston we are happy to extract difficult teeth on the same day as the consultations, irrespective of the complexity. The experience and equipment that we have on-site allows us to extract any number of difficult teeth on the same day as your consultation appointment, especially if there is extreme pain or infection present.

Once, again IV sedation is offered for phobic and anxious patients to make teeth extractions a more comfortable experience. Here at Camden Place Dental Practice we want our patients to have the best experience possible and wouldn’t want our patients to feel uncomfortable in any situation.

Will my Extraction be Difficult?

How difficult an extraction will be depends entirely on the patient. For example the following factors can contribute to a more difficult tooth extraction:

What is a Difficult Tooth?

Some of the most common difficult teeth issues are listed below:

  1. Broken teeth
  2. Teeth with long or curved roots
  3. Fragile or cracked teeth
  4. Thin, fragile roots
  5. Impacted teeth

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